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IE9 Taskbar Integration

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IE9 – – has an awesome new feature that lets you pin websites to the Windows 7 task bar.  You simply drag the tab down to the bar and it gets pinned and starts to function more like a regular application.  With just a little bit of markup, web developers and add tasks to their jumplist, and give an overlay tile to show up to the date information.

Here is a screen shot of Twitter pinned to the taskbar:

Twitter pinned to the taskbar

To the left is LinkedIn, and Amazon is to the right.  The other two icons are Live Writer and Live Photogallery.  As you can see, web pages look just like normal applications.

Also, when you pin an website, the colors and header of IE change to match the branding colors of the site.  It’s as if IE steps out of the way, and lets the website own the entire experience.

image has jumped in on this and added taskbar and jumplist integration for every blog.  Go ahead and drag The Recycle Bin to your taskbar and see for yourself!

Written by Nathan

October 8, 2010 at 9:00 am