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Going Green

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Since being “green” is all the rage right now, I’ve decided to take the Recycle Bin down a more environmentally pleasing way.  Actually, all I did was changed the color scheme, and move.  I think I’m going to move from WordPress to Spaces for a little while and try it out.  Even though I really like a lot about WordPress, I’m having a couple of issues with it, the biggest one being that the template is too narrow for me to put code into the posts.  I know, I could modify the template, but that involves either paying for an upgrade, or buying web space a hosting a site.  Neither of those options are appealing to me right now, so I’m going to give Spaces a spin.  Here’s the link:

I apologize in advance for the advertisements.  I never intended to have ads on my blog and if there was a way to remove them (without upgrading my Live account, again, with money) then I would.

I’d like to know which site site you all like better.  If you have any problems with the Spaces blog, please let me know.


Written by Nathan

October 31, 2007 at 10:52 pm

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